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The Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of Thomas Shelacres and Mary Green Marry

I have not extensively researched the descendant of Thomas and Mary as they are not my line of direct antecedents. However I will share the information which I discovered over the years.

As mentioned earlier John Shelacres married Anne Reeves, a girl from the nearby village of Wing, on 19th November 1795 in the village church in the Rutland village of Hambleton. This marriage produced at least seven children.

Glaston Parish ChurchMARY – she was baptised on 14th May 1797 in the GLASTON Parish Church of St Andrews (pictured on the right and reproduced by permission of LeicesterPhoto) but died around 20 years later and was buried in the churchyard in HAMBLETON on the 10th May 1817.

ELIZABETH – like her sister, Elizabeth was also baptised in the church at GLASTON. The date of her baptism was the 5th May 1799. On the 30th December 1823, at the age of around 24 years she married a Labourer named JOHN ELLINGWORTH in his local parish church in the village of PRESTON where she continued to live for most of her life.

She is recorded as living in that villages on the Census Returns for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881. In that last Census of 1881 she is recorded a being a ‘widower‘ and an ‘Annuitant‘. 

[The term annuitant could describe someone on an annual allowance as well as someone receiving annual income from an investment. Often however, it was also used for institutionalized pensioners].

Records indicate Ann Ellingworth (née Shellaker) died at the age of 82 years in the late spring or early summer of that same year – 1881.

THOMAS – the third child was baptised in GLASTON Church on the 1st June 1801 – His life was apparently short as there is a record of a baptism of another son named ‘Thomas‘ five years later in 1806.

ANN – their forth child was baptised on the 23rd October 1803 in the parish church in the village of GLASTON . There is a record of Ann’s marriage on 27th July 1826 when she married STEPHEN PEET in the village church of BRAUNSTON-IN-RUTLAND, a village around three miles south-west of the county town of Oakham. Ann Shellaker had reached the age of 22 years on her wedding day. I have not researched the records for any children resulting from this marriage but I note Ann Peet (née Shellaker) is recorded on the  Census Returns for 1841, 1851 and 1861.

Manton Parish ChurchTHOMAS – their fifth child was baptised in the village church in MANTON in 1806. The church of St Mary Manton is pictured on the right and reproduced by permission of LeicesterPhoto. This village is just under three miles north of Glaston. Indications are he married a girl named ELIZABETH WOOD, also of Manton, in the church at LANGHAM in Rutland, a village around five miles north of Manton on the 24th October 1825. 

Thomas is recorded as living in Rutland on the 1841 Census but subsequently lived in London and is possibly on the the Census Returns of 1851, 1861 and 1871, with his death recorded in the St Pancras area of London in 1884 (needs validation).

JOHN – another son was baptised in GLASTON Church on the 11th May 1807 and married on 17th December 1830 at the age of 23 years in the village church at HAMBLETON. His bride was ANN COLE, who possibly originated from BARLEYTHORPE, a small village situated on the Melton Mowbray road, a mile north of Oakham. I have not researched further details of his life.

SARAH – their seventh child, was baptised in GLASTON church in November 1808 and married on 21st December 1829 at the age of 21 years also in the village church at Hambleton. Her husband was WILLIAM WOOLSTON from Great Dalby in Leicestershire. I have not researched further details of her life.

The above research on these offspring is based, in part, on supposition. I would welcome contact with descendants who can clarify or enhance these details. Below is the same tree which I have shown on the previous pages but now further extended to include the children of John Shelacres and Anne Reeves. Please click on the tree below to view a larger copy.

Ridlington- The children and grandchildren of Thomas Shellaker and Mary Green

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