Ridlington, Glaston & Manton


Further Generations living in Manton

In October 1997 I commenced a systematic search of the parish records of villages around Lyndon. During a search of the parish records of the Rutland village of Manton I found many entries of ‘Shillakers’. A review that same family tree which appear on the previous page, which I have also placed below, it is probable the people detailed below are descended from Thomas & Mary (née Green) Shelacres.

Ridlington- The children and grandchildren of Thomas Shellaker and Mary Green


A Child of Thomas & Elizabeth
1827 – There is a record of a baptism on Sunday 11th Feburary 1827 in the village church in Manton of a girl named ELIZABETH, who is ‘the daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Shillaker’. It is extremely probable this baby girl was the product of the marriage of Thomas Shelacres and Elizabeth Wood who married in that church St Mary’s in Manton on 24th October 1825 around 14 months prior to this baptism.

Children of John & Ann
Between 1831  and 1840 there are five records of baptism of children of ‘John and Ann Shillaker’. These children were very likely to be the children of John Shelacres to Ann Cole of Barleythorpe who married in the village church at Hambleton on 17th December 1830, the first of whom, MARY, was baptised in Manton ten months after that wedding.

  • 1831 31st Oct – MARY, the daughter of Thomas & Ann Shillaker.
  • 1833 28th July – JAMES, the son of Thomas & Ann Shillaker
  • 1835 31st May – WILLIAM, the son of Thomas & Ann Shillaker. 
  • 1837 31st May – FREDERICK, the son of Thomas & Ann Shillaker.
  • 1840 9th Feb – ANN, the daughter of Thomas & Ann Shillaker.


These children, if my speculations are correct are the great-grandchildren of Thomas and Mary (née Green) Shelacres.

Great-great-grandchildren of Thomas and Mary (née Green) Shelacres?
Over two decades later the parish records of Manton show another set of ‘Shillaker’ baptisms. On this occasion the children’s parents are a ‘William and Fanny Shillaker’. The ‘William’ mentioned as the father is likely to William, the son of Thomas & Ann Shillaker who was baptised on 31st May 1835, and at the time of these baptisms would have been between 28 and 36 year old.

  • 1863 26th Sept – RICHARD, the son of William & Fanny  Shillaker.
  • 1866 23rd Oct – WILLIAM, the son of William & Fanny  Shillaker
  • 1867 11th Aug  – PHEBE JANE, the daughter of William & Fanny  Shillaker.
  • 1671 5th Nov – BETSEY ANN, the daughter of William & Fanny Shillaker.


Around three decades later there are another set of baptisms. On this occasion they are recorded as being the children of ‘Richard and Ann Shillaker’. It it is probable ‘Richard’ was the child baptised on 26th September 1863, the son of William & Fanny  Shillaker. In total nine of their children are recorded in the parish records in Manton. These children are possibly the great-great-grandchildren of Thomas and Mary (née Green) Shelacres.

  • 1893 1st March – AGNES, the daughter of Richard & Ann Shillaker
  • 1894 10th Oct – IVY, the daughter of Richard & Ann Shillaker
  • 1896 27th Dec – HILDA MAY, the daughter of Richard & Ann Shillaker.
  • 1898 6th Feb – FREDERICK JOHN, the son of Richard & Ann Shillaker
  • 1899 28th May – ALEC RICHARD, the son of Richard & Ann Shillaker.
  • 1901 30th June – LIIAN MAY, the daughter of Richard & Ann Shillaker.
  • 1902 20th May – WILLIAM, the son of Richard & Ann Shillaker
  • 1903 121st July – JOHN, the son of Richard & Ann Shillaker.
  • 1908 26th July- GLADYS KATE, the daughter of Richard & Ann Shillaker.


This completes all the information I currently have regarding Thomas & Mary (née Green) Shelacres and their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren – the ‘Shelacres of Ridlington’ (and Glaston, Manton and Hambleton).

Although I do not have any direct lineage from the Shelacres of Ridlington  I would welcome any information from those who may be descendants of those mentioned within these pages. If you wish to enhance this section of the Shellaker story, please post your comments in the Forum or use the Contact page to send me a message.