The Annis Family of Sproxton



As shown on the baptism record for Anne Annis her parent were named Thomas and Sarah, and as that baptism occurred in 1729 I seek a wedding, say in the ten year period before that date. There is a record of a wedding of a THOMAS ANNIS to a SARAH GROCOCK in the year 1727 at the parish church at Sproxton.

The document below, part of which is in Latin, is a ‘Marriage Bond’ which grants permission for a couple to be married ‘by license’. 

At that time weddings could only take place by Banns or by Licence. Banns are more usual if the marriage is to be in the ‘home’ parish of the bride or groom. A licence could allow the couple to marry in another church, not the home parish of either of them, which I most likely the explanation for this marriage.

Banns were an ancient legal tradition, an announcement in church of your intention to marry and a chance for anyone to put forward a reason why the marriage may not lawfully take place. Banns need to be read in the parish where each of the couple lived and would need to be read out in church for three Sundays during the three months before the wedding

The marriage Bond is a sworn statement made by one or both of the parties that there was no known impediment to the marriage and that it met the requirements of the laws of the Church of England. For this marriage thebond is in the names of the respective fathers of the couple, THOMAS ANNIS, father of THOMAS ANNIS and HENRY GROCOCK, father of SARAH GROCOCK.


Latin – the first section:

[line 1] Noverint universi per praesentes nos Thomas Annis
[line 2] & Henricu Grocock de Sproxton
[line 3] in comitatus Leicestershire firmiter
[line 4] teneri et obligari unclear unclear George Newell
[line 5] LLB.Reverendi in Christo Patris ac Anno Domini
[line 6] Richardi ? unclear one? divina episcop: Lincoln Vicar
[line 7] spirituali unclear unclear
[line 8]
[line 9]

English – the first section:

[line 1] Know all men by these presents that we Thomas Annis
[line 2] & Henry Grocock from Sproxton
[line 3] in the county of Leicestershire am firmly
[line 4] bound and obliged to unclear unclear George Newell
[line 5] Legum Baccalaureus (Bachelors degree) in Vicar of Christ the Father xx in the year of our Lord
[line 6] Richard unclear divine Bishop of Lincoln, Vicar
[line 7]  spiritually unclear unclear
[line 8]
[line 9]

To be continued

Latin: Dat. Vicesimo die mensis July Anno Domini 1727

English: Date. Twentieth day of the month of July in the year of our Lord 1727

This is not the date of the wedding but is the date the Licence was granted




English – the second section.

The condition of this obligation is such, that if there shall not hereafter appear any Lawful Lett or Impediment, by reason of any pre-contract, consanguinity, affinity, or any just cause whatever but that…

Thomas Annis of Sproxton in the County of Leicester and Sarah Grocock of the parish aforesaid

… may lawfully marry together and that there is not any suit depending before any Judge Ecclesiastical or Civil, for or concerning and such pre-contract, And that the Consent of the Parents, or other the Governors of the said Parties, be thereunto first had and obtained, And that they cause their said Marriage to be openly solemnized in the Face of the Parish Church of Sproxton in the County of Leicester Between the Hours of Eight and Twelve of the Clock in the Forenoon. And do and shall save harmlefs and keep indemnified the abovenamed George Newell esquire his surrogates and all other His offices and successors in Office, for and concerning the Premises. That then this obligation to be void and of none effect, or else to remain in full force and virtue.


As mentioned at the outset the firstborn child was ANNE ANNIS, born in Sproxton (my Great-great-great-great grandmother)  born in 1729, most likely in November of that year. She baptised in the parish church of St Bartholomew on 27th November 1729 as were all of her siblings.


The Baptism record of Anne Annis, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Annis was baptised on November 27th 1729

The second born child was a son, WILLIAM ANNIS, he was baptised on the 9th March 1732, when Anne was around 2 years old. Another girl arrived in February 1734, when Anne was four years old. She was named Sarah and she was baptised on 1st March 1734. Another siter for Anne was born in 1737. She was named MARY ANNIS and was baptised on 30th September 1737.

However in 1739 Anne’s brother WILLIAM died aged 6 years old and was buried in the churchyard of Sproxton church on 25th January 1739. Anne was 9 years old when her brother died. Three year later, in 1740, another brother was born, He was named HENRY ANNIS and he was baptised on 22nd June 1740 and again a further three year pass and another brother is born. He was baptised on 2nd October 1743 and was named JOHN ANNIS. The following year, the sixth and final child of Thomas and Anne Annis was born. He was named JUSTINIAN ANNIS and was baptised on 3rd March 1744.


Interestingly, and potentially confusingly the maiden name of Anne mother was GROCOCK, the same surname as her future husband THOMAS. However there are many Grocock families in the villages of Sproxton  and Hallaton. Further investigation in the future.

Now back a further generation with a focus on Anne’s father,  Thomas Annis…


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