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    I seek a record of marriage between the years 1676 and 1682 of a ‘Richard Shelacres’ to a girl named ‘Elizabeth’.

    The people who I term to be the ‘First Generation’ of Shellakers to live in Lyndon were Richard & Elizabeth but I have not found any record of their marriage’

    • They had  six children who were baptised in Lyndon church between 1682 and 1689.
    • Their gravestone inscriptions indicates Richard Shelacres was born between 10th January 1650 and 9th January 1651 and his  wife Elizabeth’s birth date was between the 13th April 1654 and 12th April 1655.
    • Based on these dates Elizabeth would have reached the age of 18 years in 1676 or 1677 and as the date of the baptism of their first child was in 1682 suggests they married around 1680 / 1681.
    • At this time Richard would have been around 30 years old and Elizabeth around 24 years of age.

    BUT I have not found any record of their marriage within the Lyndon Parish Records and as those parish records are relatively clear, and have also been transcribed by the Reverend Thomas Nevinson, I conclude this marriage took place within another parish – presumably the home parish of Elizabeth – so the question is……..WHICH PARISH?

    I have searched, without success, the records of the immediate neighbouring parishes of Edith Weston and Pilton but this records could be in other adjoining parishes such as Manton, Hambleton, Wing or North Luffenham.

    However the wedding could have taken place afield from Lyndon or even in a different county.

    If we can locate the record of Richard & Elizabeth’s marriage we should also discover her maiden name.

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