Date:January 19, 2016

1834 – Richard Shellaker of Lyndon

Richard Shellaker was born in Lyndon, Rutland in 1761. He married Mary Gibbons in that parish church in November 1787. This Will was signed on 27th December 1834 when he was 73 years old. Richard died a few days after making his Will and he was buried in Lyndon Churchyard on the 1st of January 1835.

His family and the legacies mentioned in his will are below. Click on the image to open a larger picture




The last Will & Testament
of me Richard Shellaker of Lyndon I leave to Mary Shellaker my Wife
(^for her life) all the property both real & personal which I do or shall at the time of my
death possess [1]

                  in case the said Mary Shellaker should not survive me I leave
to my son William Shellaker (^and his heirs) the house in Tugby in which he is living at
the date of this Will with the Garden about it [2]

to my Daughter Catharine
Partridge (^and her heirs) the Mill in Tugby on condition of her paying to her daughter
Jemima Partridge the sum of twenty pounds as soon as she comes into
possession of the Mill [3]

to my Daughter Sarah Barsby (^and her heirs) seventy pounds[4]

more I die possessed of is to be divided equally between the aforesaid William
Shellaker Catharine Partridge and Sarah Barsby

                                                                         if the aforesaid Mary Shellaker
my wife survive me my property is to be divided amongst my Children in the
manner above explained at her death |viz the house in Tugby to William
Shellaker and his heirs the Mill (charged with twenty pounds)| to Catharine
Partridge & her heirs and seventy pounds to Sarah Barsby and (^or) her heirs signed
the twenty seventh day

And I leave (^appoint) my son William Shellaker the Executor
of this Will signed by me (^this) twenty seventh day of December in the year of our
Lord eighteen hundred and thirty four by me

Richard Shellaker X his
mark (^read over and)

signed in the presence of me Thomas Kerchever Arnold
Rector of Lyndon William Wright Labourer Lyndon Eleanor
Wright Wife of William Wright Labourer Lyndon X her Mark

Proved at London 29 June 1835 before the Judge by the Oath of
William Shellaker the Son the sole Executor to whom Admon was
granted having first sworn by Comon duly to administer

[The notes ‘Original’ and ‘same’ in the margin indicate that the insertions and words struck through are recorded as in the original will]



[1] Richard is leaving everything he possesses to Mary his wife to own for the rest of her life. (She lived just over 9 years after the death of husband)

[2] Provision is made for legacies to his three children in the event that his wife Mary dies before him. The first of which is to his son William (and William’s heirs) of the house and garden in Tugby in which William lives.

[3] Richard leaves the Mill in Tugby to his oldest daughter Catherine, stipulating that Catherine’s daughter Jemima receives £20 when Catherine takes possession of the Mill. It is not known if Catherine ever took possession of the Mill as we know that in 1841, less than six years after probate was granted,  Catherine is recorded as living in the Rutland village of Manton with her husband John. John’s occupation is that of a Miller and Baker so the legacy of a Mill to Catherine seems logical.

[4] Richard leaves his other daughter Sarah the sum of £70